battle of the lipstains

lip stains are all the rave right now in the cosmetics world, and they sparked my interest, too! i wanted to test out a few different formulations, shades and brands to really see what the makeup companies were producing. i found two AMAZING stains, and two not-so amazing stain that i want to share with y’all. enjoy!



younique stiff upper lip stain

  • very liquid-like consistency
  • applies wet, and dries to a matte finish
  • lays comfortably on the lips, as if you can’t feel that it’s there. more specifically, when you smile it doesn’t crack or feel tight.
  • ultra light weight
  • if you don’t exfoliate your lips prior to applying, you might experience patchiness in color
  • lasts 5+ hours, fading a little
  • you have 7 shades to chose from


revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor

  • creamy smooth consistency
  • applies like a gloss would, but gives you a matte finish
  • sits well on the lips–it’s lightweight bu doesn’t dry down 100% so you still have a creamy feeling of the product on your lips
  • doesn’t smudge
  • super pigmented and applies evenly
  • lasts 3-4 hours and fades out nicely
  • 6 different shades to pick



rimmel provocalips 16hr kiss proof lip colour

this lip product comes with two ends: lip stain on one end, gloss on the other. rimmel claims this stain lasts 16+ hours and is kiss proof. i had high hopes for this guy because it was a great price point and i loved the range of colors–specifically this nude. for one, this doesn’t apply nude it applies brown and this is the stickiest formula known to man. you can’t wear the stain alone because it’s cracky and stiff on your lips so if you’re trying to go for a matte look, this product won’t deliver that. it’s also the most uncomfortable formula on your lips because it’s tacky and doesn’t dry down. all in all, not worth it.

lipstail loreal

l’oreal infallible pro-last lipcolor

first off, i love l’oreal and their infallible line of cosmetics and nail polish so i had high hopes for this lipcolor, too! there’s something crazy like 24 different shades which was so exciting, and the price point was around $10. like rimmel, you apply the stain first and use the gloss provided to moisturize your lips. my experience with other infallible products is that they last for-ev-er, so i thought this would be a dream come true. unfortunately, i quickly returned this item after using it once. i applied one coat and it felt like my lips were in a cast, and i couldn’t move them for fear of cracking. or maybe a better description is that i felt like a mummy with this on. it was so stiff and drying that it was uncomfortable to wear. i didn’t bother with the gloss since i knew this lipcolor formula wasn’t for me.


saturday night fav’s

these products were the two most memorable things i used this week, so naturally i had to share them with you! they are polar opposite from each other in terms of use, but hey, they’re FAB! enjoy! ps. i usually post photos that i personally own, but i do not own this one and i credited their source at the bottom.

image1 (36)

ooh la lift!

this is my go-to under eye cream for when i need some serious cosmetic rescue! think no sleep, late-night to early-morning kind of time. whenever those fun times happen, i depend on this stuff to wake my face up in the morning and to camouflage my tiredness. this product is from benefit cosmetics and it runs for $22. ooh la lift is a pink-ish cream that comes in a tube with a wand applicator. it is very creamy and easy to smooth on under your eyes to give you an instant eye lift, like really. it has light reflecting pigments that help diffuse any blue or purple tones your dark circles might have. you can use this before or after your makeup, but i prefer to use it on freshly cleansed and moisturized skin. i use the wand to apply a small amount under each eye, and then i pat it in gently. do not tug your skin! this will cause wrinkles, and those aren’t permitted. i will caution you–be careful with the amount that you apply because it does not build on itself, and it can crumble if you applied too much. in a nut shell, this stuff is a girl’s best friend if you’re having a rough, tired, i want to stay in bed morning!!

infallible nail polish

i believe this nail polish is the newest creation from l’oreal paris, and holy moly it’s RAD!! i am sure that all of us ladies know how frustrating it is when we get a chipped nail from nail polish that has only been there for a day or two. especially when it’s so time consuming to paint “within the lines” and wait for it to dry. anyone else have trouble painting with their “other” hand? i do!! i was intrigued by this product since it has two steps: 1st is the nail color, 2nd is the top coat–but it’s not clear, it’s a color too. i bought mine at target for like $7.99, and there were quite a few different shade options to choose from. i purchased “908 always a lady” which is a gorgeous deep merlot color with a fuchsia top coat. after using this, i will say the top coat does not change the color of the nail polish, even though it’s not clear. from my understanding, the top coat is really what makes this formula stick to your nails. LET ME TELL YOU, i am impressed. so impressed that i’m going to probably buy all the rest of the shades. i work in retail and use my fingernails all throughout the day opening boxes, putting up marketing signs, peeling off labels and this is the first, yest the first, nail polish that hasn’t chipped or peeled up. i am going on day 3 and have NO CHIPS or peeling so far. there is a little bit of wear and tear evident on the tips of my nails, but other than that they are in tact. it’s amazing. this stuff is as it’s name says infallible and you should give it a try!!!


cream shadow obsession

splurge cream shadow by younique



splurge cream shadow is made by younqiue, and comes in 8 shades with 4 debuting before the end of 2015! this product is $26 each and claims to be “a high-density, velvety-smooth cream eye shadow” that is crease-less, highly pigmented, and long-wearing. younique AIN’T playing around with these shadows either–they are THE BOMB dot com. everything they claim to be, they are and more. here are some quick facts:

  • mouse-like texture (reminds me of a marshmallow!)
  • shimmer, powder finish
  • easy to build up, wear alone or with other shadows
  • long-wearing
  • highly pigmented
  • blends out extremely well
  • does NOT dry out!!

i love this stuff because of it’s bouncy texture and it’s ability to blend out so well. i prefer to use a cream shadow brush to apply, and any old fluffy brush to soften the edges. i do use younique’s because it came with my presenter’s kit BUT even if i wasn’t affiliated with the company, i would use this sucker day in and day out. it’s that good and only $15.


if you’ve been following my blog for a while, i did post about maybelline’s 24 hour color tattoo shadow and much to my dismay, i am not able to use them any longer because they have dried up and have become thick and goopey in consistency. i am so thankful that these cream shadows don’t do that.

final thoughts

worth every penny you spend on it. great texture, amazing formula, and high-quality performance. check out splurge cream shadows here! in this photo i’m wearing “extravagant!”



october7th-weekly younique post

october 7th weekly younique post

here’s a few of my favorite products and pictures that document how amazing our quality and results are! each week i’ll be blogging about my weekly younique fav’s so check out the pics, and enjoy!

3D+ fiber mascara

these results are crazy. almost unbelievable, if ya ask me. i applied two coats of our water-resistant mascara. the fibers are all natural and derived from green tea leaves. this formulation is excellent for people with sensitive eyes as the ingredients are mostly all natural. i’ve heard so many success stories from women who haven’t been able to wear mascara before because of harsh irritants in the product, and now they have beautiful long lashes and are irritation-free. this mascara is $29 and lasts 2-3 months! here is my link if you’re interested in purchasing: www.youniqueproducts.com/emmaline

image1 (33)


i did a review on younique’s addiction shadow palette number one a last month. i’ll link it here if you’re interested in checking it out. part of my draw to this shadow palette is how versatile it is–you can play it up, or dress it down. for this picture, i decided to transform my work-appropriate eye look into a smokey, out-on-the-town look. it’s easy to do, and i appreciate the quality of these shadows!

image2 (15)


my favorite part about makeup is being able to tie the whole look together with a lipstick. however, i do get frustrated with the longevity of lipstick–especially the patchy-ness, crusty inner lip ring, and smudging that can result from wearing a lip product for several hours on end. i was intrigued by the idea of lip stains, but was hesitant to purchase because it seemed to good to be true. after seeing so many results pictures and videos from other lovers of the younique brand of lip stains, i decided why not try–especially when there’s a 14 day love-it guarantee. after giving them a test run, i have to say that i absolutely love using these lip stains before i go to work! my work day is so busy and fast-paced that i don’t have time to reapply. with the lip stains, you don’t even need to worry about touch ups at all. i purchased (from left to right) savvy, skittish and sultry! in the picture i am wearing savvy–a beautiful purple stain. if you’re interested in purchasing, check out my site: www.youniqueproducts.com/emmaline

image4 (3)image3 (6)


r + f unblemish results

rodan + fields

i wanted to share some pictures of my acne journey with you! i’ve been on the unblemish line for about 4 weeks and have experienced some pretty remarkable results.





the first picture was professionally taken, and is a beautiful shot minus my cystic acne. the large circular bumps on my cheek had been there for a couple of months, and i could not seem to get them to decrease in size, despite taking prescription acne medicine. mind you, i have a solid amount of foundation and concealer on in the picture trying mask how ugly the bumps were, and they are still the first thing that catches my eye when i look at this picture.

fast forward four weeks, and all that remains of those large bumps is a little redness that came from me picking my skin. oops. but to the touch, my skin is smooth. you can not feel any traces of cystic acne bumps, or scarring. i am so impressed, and i feel more confident, especially because that’s the side of my face that i use in most pictures. but ultimately, having problematic skin for most of my post puberty life has been very stressful and agonizing at times. i am so relieved i was introduced to a brand that does what it claims: it clears acne.

rodan + fields

if you are interested in learning more about rodan + fields and their amazing skin care lines, please check out my amazing friend jamie’s website. she is knowledgeable, understanding, funny, and trust-worthy. jamie has been right where i was, acne and all, and her results were life changing for her. your skin now does not have to be your skin always–take the steps, make the change, and be confident in your skin!

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what brush is best?


products pictured

  • Real techniques sponge, $5.99
  • Real techniques triangle foundation brush, $23.99
  • Vasanti foundation brush, $32.00
  • Real techniques buffing brush, part of the Core Collection, $17.99

How and When to use

  • RT sponge: works best if used damp. Before applying your foundation, place the sponge under water. With squeezing motions, ensure water is penetrating the entire sponge. After the sponge has doubled in size, it’s time to dry it off. Best way to do this is to squeeze the excess water off into a towel. By using it wet, you will get a smooth finish to your makeup. However, the sponge technique does sheer out your foundation or concealer a little. I use the sponge to apply my makeup about 90% of the time because it applies evenly, and smoothest the product over your skin. I use dabbing, not dragging motions when using as well–do this so you don’t smear around any foundation making it look unnatural and patchy.
  • RT Triangle Foundation Brush: works best when you apply foundation to the back of your hand (to warm it up), and then lightly pick up product onto the brush. The amazing feature about this brush is that it’s tip is triangular and pointed, allowing for it to reach into small crevasses of the face. You do use this in “painting” motions or small strokes. It applies foundation pretty evenly as long as you do not overload the brush with product. If you do, you will find streaks and uneven coloring of product on your face which is never a cute look. My favorite area to use this brush in is around my eyes, and between my eyes and nose. It is shaped perfectly for these hard to reach places. If you notice you need some more blending action going on, lightly tap your RT sponge on those spots, and you will be good to go!
  • Vasanti Foundation Brush: this is the most common foundation brush out there, and to me, the one with the least perks. It does have a dome-shaped head that can fit into harder to reach parts of the face, so that is a good aspect of this brush. Some claim that brushes like this create a natural appearance, but I have found that this applies streaky which can cause the foundation to lay on top of your skin instead of being blended into your skin. The best way to use a foundation brush like this is to use it to lay the product onto your face in smooth, stroking motions and then use a sponge to tap the remaining product in.
  • RT Buffing Brush: this is my second favorite method of applying foundation. The domed shaped head and short bristles allow this brush to reliever great coverage of your foundation and the ability to blend it into your skin. Please do not drag your brush across your face as this won’t create any type of look worth wearing! Instead, use dabbing and patting motions to work the product into the skin. Circular and downward motions work best. I do not need to use a sponge to blend anything in if I use the proper amount of product with this brush. The idea is to use a little product at a time, and picking up more with the brush when needed. Glopping on a large amount of product and then trying to smooth it out and blend all at the same time just won’t do your makeup justice!

nude nails & a serious top coat

image2ncla los angeles nudes collection in “volume iv”

if you have been searching for that perfect, “just right” nude nail polish then behold and look no further! i have found it for you! ncla has outdone themselves with the creation of their nudes collection nail polishes–especially “volume iv.” these babies retail at $16 each, which is $$ compared to other high end brands, but for the quality and hues of their product, it’s worth it. go ahead–splurge. (ya know ya wanna…) ps. this was my favorite item from my june boxycharm  box. holla for how amazing boxy charm is!

♥shade description♥

volume iv is a sandy nude color in the polish bottle, but once applied to the nails with a top coat, it dries this magnificent mauvey nude shade with hues of rose. the formula glides over your nails like butter, and doesn’t dry out while you’re in mid stroke of application. very minimal chipping, and fast drying with a top coat like seche vita.

image1 (8)

about ncla

if you visit their colorful website, you will read all about who ncla is, what they do, and how they do it. to sum it all up real quick like, they are a company based out of los angeles, california who create luxury nail products that are 100% vegan free, non-toxic, and don’t contain formaldehyde for camphor. they also don’t test any of their products on animals (yay!).

♥about seche vita♥

THIS FAST DRYING TOP COAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. (yes, you should go purchase it now.) i have literally tried every top coat and base coat product on the market, and none compare to the powers of seche vita. i can apply 3-4 coats of a nail lacquer to my nails and coat it with their “dry fast top coat” and in 5 minutes max my nails are 100% dry, GLOSSY, and evenly protected. i’m not sure how they formulated this nail polish miracle-in-a-bottle, but i am here to tell y’all how amazing it is. you do not have to endure your ongoing search for a legit top coat any more because now you know about seche vita. this product changes lives. okay, that’s a little dramatic, but i’m trying to paint a picture of greatness here…ha!


maskin’ it

image1 (7)

“tear off your mask, your face is glorious!”-rumi

wei manuka bee venom mask, $68.00
description: from birchbox’s website, this product claims that “the purified venom in this mask is gentle and nourishing, and combines with healing herbs to help to fight wrinkles, correct imperfections, and firm skin.”

uses: anti-aging properties, firms and nourishes skin

formula: the formula reminds me of whipped butter. it is light and airy, very creamy to the touch and glides (yes, literally) over your skin. once one your skin, give it about 10 seconds and you start to feel a slight tingling sensation. this doesn’t hurt, or annoy, but it makes the skin feel like the mask is actually working.

texture: i would compare this stuff to the jet-puffed whipped marshmallow creme. so fluffy and light!!!!!! dries very smooth and even. when i pat my face, my skin is not sticky or crunchy to the touch. after 10 minutes you’re supposed to use warm water to rinse this off, but i might just keep it on longer because it’s seriously making my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed!!

smell: has a slightly natural smell mixed with some floral notes. overall, the smell is very, very faint.

eslor chlorophyll lifting mask, $38.00
description: from eslor’s website, they claim this product is a “skin tightening mask. the dried film of natural milk proteins, plant extracts, seaweed extracts, and minerals tighten the skin, help enhance blood circulation, and help diminish fine lines.

uses: for tighter, glowing skin

formula: when you open the lid, you are greeted with a bunch of green slime!!! no, but really. remember back on nickelodeon when they would have those award shows with slime being dumped on people’s heads? pretty sure the verb back then for this was being “slimed.” ok, if you weren’t old enough, google it.

texture: sticky, kind of thick, slime-like. rubs on like a gel, and dries very tight on your skin. removes easily with a warm, damp wash cloth.

smell: reminds me of baby lotion products. sort of sweet, almost baby powder like.

royal apothic cuppa cuppa firming tea treatment mask, $58.00
description: from birchbox’s website, this product claims that it’s “infused with a blend of exotic teas, this clay mask leaves us with smoother, firmer, more radiant skin. this clay-based formula is packed with antioxidant-rich black, green, and white teas, as well as other beneficial botanical extracts including acai, pomegranate, coffee, and goji berry. it firms, reduces dark spots, helps skin retain moisture, and gently exfoliates to reveal a refreshed, luminous complexion.”

uses: reduces dark spots, moisturizes, and boosts brightness

formula: this product is purple!! the color reminds me a lot of blueberry, pear & carrot baby food. so random. there are also these micro exfoliating particles that help exfoliate the skin as you massage this onto your face.

texture: the finely textured exfoliating particles set this face mask apart from the others. overall the formula is a medium consistency that spreads over the skin easily, and skins into the skin almost immediately. once dried, you don’t feel a harsh tightness when you try to smile or talk, which is a bonus. has a tendency to flake off the skin just a tad if you don’t rinse with enough warm water.

smell: i enjoy the smell of this mask the most. it is a light musky smell that reminds me of estee lauder night creams. another random comparison.

clariSEA deep pore detox activated charcoal exfoliating mask, $18.00
description: from birchbox’s website, they claim that “using a mix of charcoal and french kaolin clay, the gentle formula draws out impurities from deep within pores, clearing blackheads and sopping up excess oil. with regular use, breakouts are reduced, and existing pimples heal faster. plus, you won’t have that dry, tight-all-over feeling that can come from similar treatments.”

uses: helps unclog pores, reduce blemishes, and get rid of excess oil

formula: surprise! this mask actually comes as a clay powder until you add water to it. i scoop out a spoonful into my palm, and add 2-3 drops of water and mix together until a thick paste-like consistency is formulated.

texture: chalky until mixed with water, then it reminds me of a thin paste. it applies well, and dries super fast. be careful to not move you face for 5 minutes when applying because this mask makes your skin very tight and flakes off if you smile, laugh, cough, talk, etc.  after 5 mines, for best results, i would recommend using a cleansing cloth to remove all the charcoal from the skin.

smell: doesn’t really have a smell. maybe a chalky smell if you really get this stuff into your nostrils.


all five of these products are formulated to provide different results to the skin. one is better for providing anti-aging relief, the other is best for deep cleaning pores, so is there really one best option out of the lot? probably not. these are just the face masks that i have purchased myself, and i wanted to share them with y’all because of how diverse they all are. please comment below what your favorite face mask is as i am always in the market to try (and review!) new facial products!!


my morning routine

“every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”-pinterest


for my routine, i am all about making sure my skin is clean and moisturized. i try to use products that are actually good for my skin, including my underarms. here are my current favs on the market–

  • boots botanics organic rosewater toning spritz: claims to cleanse impurities and fresh with rosewater. this spritz has 5 organic ingredients which is comforting because i can actually pronounce and understand what they are. i love this stuff because the rosewater scent is so refreshing when it hits your face. the mist is very fine, but seems to cover all of my face. there is absolutely no sticky residue left over, and it helps make sure to remove any last traces of makeup. i use this after cleansing, and before moisturizing.
  • boots no7 botanics all bright micellar cleanser: claims to dissolve makeup, unclog pores and remove impurities with brightening hibiscus. this cleanser mimics the feel of removing your makeup with water, it’s that gentle. there are no traces of soap or alcohol in this cleanser, which feels amazing on my combo skin. typically my favorite way to use this product is on a cotton round to remove my face and eye makeup before i use my all over cleanser.
  • benefit cosmetics puff off: claims to soothe and de-puff eyes. i use this product almost daily because what adult gets enough sleep at night? (if you do, teach me your secrets…) after i take care of my skin by cleansing it and moisturizing it, i apply this pretty generously to my under eye circles in patting motions. benefit says that you can use the product’s iron tip to “smooth” out the puffiness, but i find that method is a myth. using the heat of your fingers to warm this product up before applying is the way forward. this gel doesn’t clump, or flake off when you apply make up.
  • lavanila the healthy deodorant: claims to be aluminum free and 100% natural, safe, and effective. it also does not contain mineral oil. i purchased mine on ipsy after seeing one of my favorite youtuber’s use their lotion and the lotion and deodorant came in a kit together. please note: this is not an antiperspirant, nor does it claim to be. during the summer in the desert, we often have days with temps of 115+ so i found a way to layer my deodorant and antiperspirant so i am protected against odor all day long. first, i use the lavanila product and let it dry. i wipe about 3 stripes under each under arm. next, i use dove’s dry spray antiperspirant, spraying 2-3 spritz per under arm. this scent is their freshest one, which mixes nicely with lavanila’s more natural-vanilla like smell. this combo is guaranteed to keep you DRY and smelling FRESH.