drugstore texture sprays

eva nyc surf’s up! texture spray
umberto beverly hill’s dry texture spray


product details

eva nyc surf’s up! texture spray
“for beachy waves and insane volume. for all hair types”

does this packaging remind anyone else of amika’s undone texture spray? and the smell is practically the same as well…hmm. i wasn’t a fan of the amika product, and i’m not a huge fan of this one either. you can purchase this product at ulta for about $11.99 and their coupons are always available to use on this brand, too. as far as performance–i find this texture spray doesn’t really add that much texture, instead it adds 1/4 sticky, 1/4 texture, 1/4 smell and 1/4 of nothing to your hair. honestly, using dry shampoo would give you more lift and texture than this spray would.

umberto beverly hills dry texture spray
“holds definition, dimension and separation”

i’m still amazed that a product of this caliber is sold at the drugstore! you can find the umberto line at target, and this texture spray retails for $9.99. i would compare this spray’s performance to rusk’s texture dry finishing spray that runs for $18. umberto’s texture spray’s smell reminds me of a clean-perfume smell mixed with a little black pepper…that’s so random. as far as delivery–this spray provides a semi gritty texture to your hair which is amazing for separation, definition and giving lift to the hair. it does not make the hair look dirty, flat or the same as it did before you use it (thank god!). this is my top recommendation if you’re looking for an affordable texture spray that won’t require you to spend an arm and a leg for it!!


dry shampoo diaries

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suave professionals keratin infusionamika perk up
batiste floral&flirtyNYM clean freakdove refresh+care

batter up! today’s conversation is all about dry shampoo!! this stuff seriously saves my life often, and i’m sure it’s your best kept secret, until now, as well.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion, $4.99

description:”absorbs oil and refreshes hair, leaving it smooth and manageable between washes.”


  • takes away all the unwanted oil in your hair
  • leaves your hair with more texture and volume


  • if you’re sensitive to fragrance, this might not be the dry shampoo for you. smell is a cross between musky and floral-y.
  • can leave a white residue in your hair if you don’t shake the can well enough or if you spray too much

verdict: suave launched their dry shampoo products back in 2011, and they were the first brand i tried. of course, i loved the concept of this product as i naturally have more oily hair. up until a couple months ago, this product retailed for $2.99 (4.3oz of product) which was basically the lowest price on the market among dry shampoos. now that it retails for $4.99, i haven’t repurchased it because of the other options that are out there. despite the raised price point, this product does what it claims: it absorbs oil and your hair looks supa dupa fresh.

amika perk up dry shampoo, $9.00 (travel size) & $22 (full size)

description:”dry cleanse, refresh and revive for all hair types.”


  • talc free
  • safe for color treated hair
  • not chalky and doesn’t leave the texture of your hair feeling dirty after applying


  • not very effective for my hair
  • STRONG signature scent of amika products–very floral, potpourri and berry-like
  • pretty pricey of a product that’s results don’t match up to its price point

verdict: reviews on this product are great, but i think people are distracted by the cute packaging and the scent (i enjoy it…). honestly, this stuff just doesn’t work. strip away the packaging and the fragrance and you’re left with a formula that doesn’t rid your hair of its excess oils and doesn’t provide additional volume. definitely won’t be repurchasing this, and i’m glad i only bought the travel size.

batiste floral&flirty blush dry shampoo, $5.99

description: “uk’s no1 dry shampoo. instant hair refresh for all hair types.”


  • several different fragrances of batiste, some are very mild (like this one) and others are more fragrant.
  • batiste offers dry shampoo for colored hair as well as for damaged hair
  • awesome formula: not chalky, provides bounce and lift for hair, removes unwanted oils in your hair


  • not readily available at all drug stores
    • can purchase at target, walgreens, and ulta for sure

verdict: i don’t have anything negative or critiquing to say about this product! i love that batiste created several different scents for it’s customers to choose from since each of us has our own idea of what smells nice, especially in our hair! when i use this product i know that my day old hair is going to look refresh, revitalized and volumized every time.

NYM Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo, $4.79



  • price point


  • smells like you’re spraying Mr. Clean products in your hair! ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • must spray a lot of the product for it to be effective
  • because of the amount you must spray for it to show results, your hair is left feeling gritty and dirty

verdict: steer clear of this stuff. it reeks of a cleaning solution-like smell, and in order for it to “work”, you’ll have to spray, and spray, and spray some more. and after you’ve used 1/4 of the can, your hair will look slightly less greasy but will feel like you haven’t showered in 7 days. sometimes you do get what you pay for.

dove refresh+care volume dry shampoo, $4.99

description: “absorbs oil to refresh hair gently, leaving it clean, nourished and soft between washes.”


  • you get 5.0oz of product for $4.99
  • smells just like all other dove products, so no surprises here
  • the product sprays evenly and is clear, which is awesome because it’s not chalky and doesn’t leave any white residue behind
  • absorbs excess oils
  • gives hair volume and lift
  • you can still run your hands through your hair despite the texture this product provides


  • nada

verdict: this product was recommended to me months ago by my bestie (thanks, mere!) and i just couldn’t cheat on my batiste, so i forwent purchasing it. her hair is much longer than mine, and using this product she can go days on end without washing her hair and it looks fantastic! i finally gave in and bought this a couple weekends ago, and WOW- i’ve been missing out. now i’m reaching for this product almost exclusively because of the results it provides: removes excess oil, refreshes hair with volume and texture, and smells nice. [disclaimer: if you are not a fan of dove’s signature scent, you will not enjoy this product.]

and the results are…

suave: ♥♥♥

amika: ♥♥

batiste: ♥♥♥♥

nym: ♥

dove: ♥♥♥♥♥