“i just wanna go on more adventures. be around good energy. connect with people. learn new things. grow.” -thekhoolhaus


em·ma·line /em-uh-line/

well, it took some convincing from my friends, but i finally decided to take the plunge and create emmaline! despite not knowing where this journey is going to take me, i am excited to have conversation with you about things that i am most passionate about. emmaline is a blog written with you, the reader, in mind. this is a safe space to talk about opinions, products, and reviews. i hope you find the content here fresh, original, relate-able, and cool enough for you to book mark it.

who is behind emmaline?

instead of the traditional “hi, my name is emily…” intro, i would rather put a twist on my bio…here are 10 facts about me so we can be friends!

  1. my husband and i got married on halloween [no costumes, or did we?!]
  2. charlie is my kitty, and he wears a tuxedo on the regular
  3. i often find myself wanting to go to the gym, but get sucked in by the netflix vortex so i end up exercising my fingers on the remote instead…
  4. makeup has always been a hobby–my sweet mama is to thank for that
  5. i live in arizona which is 2,686 miles from where i grew up.
  6. my best friend from college helped me with the graphics for this blog [love you, susie q]
  7. my two best friends from childhood helped with the concept and name for this creative journey [am & mere…my rocks!]
  8. i love being around people i care about…the more the merrier!
  9. moving away from home after college was hands down the best decision i could have made at that point in my life. you learn so much about who are you as an individual once you are remove from your comfort zone
  10. i don’t drink soda. gimme a la croix pamplemousse instead.

emmaline blog signature

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