current drugstore making i’m loving–featuring undone beauty, maybelline and covergirl

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this post will be part one of many, i’m sure! i’ve been trying out loads of makeup from the drugstore, and while there’s been a few misses, on the whole i’m so excited about the things i’ve found! y’all know that if something doesn’t work for me that i won’t share it with you, and i pride myself on giving realistic reviews about makeup i try! so sit back, enjoy, and let me know if you are currently using anything i share or if you pick some of these things up during your next drugstore run.

bronzer + highlighter palette

undone beauty warm up 4-in-1 radiance bronzer from target, $10
vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free
2 matte shades, 2 shimmer shades
natural coconut extract for radiant glow

swatches (no edits)-left to right
2 shimmer shades, 2 matte shades

my review: i think this gives the most beautiful color to your skin. here’s the trick though–you have to swirl your bronzer brush around and pick up all 4 shades at once before applying to your cheeks! by doing this, you will get a kissed-by-the-sun look with a hint of shimmer on the side. i usually prefer a creamier bronzer, and while the two contour colors are matte and powdery, combining with the butter shimmer shades really help create the perfect texture. plus, you can add a little more glow to the top of your cheeks if you so choose. i would highly recommend this palette for eyeshadow, too!

lip gloss with hyaluronic acid

maybelline lifter gloss with hyaluronic acid, $6.99
hyaluronic acid smooths and hydrates lips
large wand to enhance lip contour
high gloss
available in 10 shades

swatches (no edits)-left to right
ice, amber, petal, stone

my review: off the bat, i picked up this product because it looked SO similar to kylie’s lip glosses, and i was like wait, am i seeing things? lol (such a cute component for sure) when i buy a gloss, i’m looking for a product that isn’t sticky, has a high shine finish, and color that has just the right amount of opacity. after re-reading that last sentence, i sound like a lip gloss snob. anyways, i bought four of these glosses because they are REAL good. the formula glides on, your lips definitely look smoother, and the colors are noticeable enough but buildable should you want more! my only gripe is that they smell faintly of chemicals and sunscreen, but that smell goes away quickly. if you have very dry lips like me and enjoy a no-fuss lip product, add this to your must-haves list!

face products for oily-skin

covergirl clean fresh pressed power (light), $8.99
vegan, paraben, cruelty-free
light weight, non-cakey
reduced shine

maybelline dream fresh BB cream (medium), $7.49
hydrating 8-in-1 skin perfector
hydrates, brightens and protects skin
natural coverage, great for oily skin
contains SPF 30

swatches (no edits)-left to right
covergirl power + maybelline bb cream

my review: this picture doesn’t do the covergirl powder justice. the powder photographs on my arm very lighty, but in person it’s more of a neutral-medium color. i am picky with pressed powders and my bar is unreasonably high as i’ve tried a bunch but they never seem to work. i didn’t think much of this one when i purchased it, but wow, i am blown away. it kept my skin matte for 10 hours, wasn’t heavy, and didn’t enhance any texture on my face! the only con is that the shade range is a bit hard to choose your right shade from. i’m not normally able to wear a light shade of products, but that’s the one that works for me in this line. to be safe, i’d say pick the shade by the photo, not by the name. “light” looks like medium. “fair” looks like light. and this BB cream is dreamy. i love that it’s light weight, but covers well. and the fact that it has SPF 30 in it is a huge plus! we all need to be wearing SPF, gals. i used a damp blender to blend the BB cream out, and that’s definitely my preferred way to apply it. if you have oily skin like i do, this combo of powder and BB cream will be an awesome option for you! here’s what they look like on my skin–

8am makeup (no filter)
11pm makeup, no filters + no touch ups

final thoughts: if you are looking for more affordable makeup options but are a little overwhelmed with everything that’s on the shelf, i hope this blog post helped you! my intentions are to share what works for my skin-type and maybe inspire you to try something new. makeup is a fun way to get creative, and i love being able to share this passion of mine with you! please leave a comment or message me if you try any thing i recommended–i love hearing from you!

xoxo, em

2 thoughts on “current drugstore making i’m loving–featuring undone beauty, maybelline and covergirl

  1. I saw you use the Maybelline Lifter Gloss on your Instagram story a few days ago and was totally influenced. Added it to my pick up order at Walmart tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it’s in stock, and I’m sure I will love it! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually just bought the BB cream and lipgloss a couple of weeks ago and love both! I’m oily as well and struggle with powders so I’ll have to give this a try! Thanks! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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