target run, and done

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i’m starting off this post in traditional target fashion….i went in for milk and eggs, and came out with everything i never knew i needed. oh, you too? gosh, we’ve got lots in common! no wonder they call it “target run, and done” because now i’ve got no more money to spend–ha! beans and rice, rice and beans.
(a little dave ramsey for ya)

upon entering my glorious target store–adorned with friendly team members, bullseye dog at the dollar spot, and bright beautiful lights that shine on things you don’t want but end up buying anyways–i stumbled upon the cutest summery items in the dollar section! think kitchen decor, outdoor items, vases, organization items, and so much more. best $3-$10 ever spent. promise.

i then moseyed over to the back to school area, even though i had no business being over there. no kids, not a teacher, but the urge was calling me, so i listened and found way too many cute things. if you’re into magnetized lamps, frames, hanging succulent decor, pretty pens and pencils, you’ve gotta check out this part of the store. i mean…i love knick-knacks and trinkets, so this was heaven.

next, as i was perusing by the bath section on my way to checkout, i stumbled upon these hair wraps, and thought that they’d be nice to have! i’ve just wrapped my hair in a towel and let that be that. but now i’m air drying my hair more, these wraps seemed super convenient. they will absorb most of the water while i’m letting my hair dry prior to using my revlon one step styler brush thing (i can never remember the name)–side note: this tool is one every human being with hair should own. it’s legit.

on my way out of the store, even though i spent way too much money, i smiled because it’s like chrismas every time you shop at target. you buy in the store, you get home and unpack it, and then you get to enjoy your awesome finds! and if you’re a target-aholic like me, let’s be friends. famous last words, “but i only needed one thing…”

dollar spot items
$7 round support pillow (came in 3 colors)-i’ll be using this to sit on outside, or sometimes i like to sit on the ground in my living room for a change of pace!

$5 faux marble organization tray (2 pack)-this says you can use it to organize your desk, but i also think this would be super cute to lay out jewelry on, or even nail polish! very versatile and super cute.

back to school items
$6.99 u-brands locker style magnetic hanging photo grid-this is going to be in my office at work so i can hang pictures and thank-you notes! it comes with clips to secure your photos, too!

$4.99 u-brands gel ink pens pastel speckle-i’m a sucker for good pens. i love the creamy gel type with a fine tip. i’m good with any color, as long as it writes super smooth! anyone else have a pen obsession? i’m super particular as just any pen won’t do.

$3.99 u-brands mechanical pencil speckled-truth be told, i don’t own a pencil and thought it might be a good idea to have at least one in the office and one around the house to use when calendar planning. i’m V guilty of using the “scratch out” method of planning, and let’s face it, that feel super unorganized!

$3.99 u-brands hex magnets (7pack)-anything with a succulent on it is a great buy in my book. i have most of my apartment accented with some sort of blush color too, as i love how greens and blush pair well together. these will be the newest addition to my fridge before we know it!

bath item
$10 room essentials bath hair wrap peach (2 pack)-too cute not to pick up. excited to use these wraps to soak up some of the water from my hair while it air dries!

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