affordable sunnies

anyone else lose sunglasses like it’s your job? ever said “i wish i had a dollar for every pair of glasses i’ve lost?” yes, me too. hence my affinity for buying affordable pairs only! since most of my summer is going to be spent at home (or the pool), i wanted to test drive a few different pairs of sunglasses from amazon, so i really hope you find this helpful. i’ll share the direct link, cost, fit, and my recommendation for purchasing.

classic polarized aviators

click photo to shop the direct link

shop: amazon
price: $8.08 (prime)
fit: ideal for narrow faces, lightweight
recommend: 4.5/5
critique: limited color selection

vintage pearl frames

click photo to shop the direct link

shop: amazon
price: $13.99 (prime)
fit: over sized, these are *not* for small faces
recommend: 2/5 (pearl detail is CUTE)
critique: just way too big for me
(it took me several tries and the right head tilt just to get this pic ha!)

round gem sunglasses

click photo to shop the direct link

shop: amazon
price: $16.99 (some colors are prime)
fit: slightly over sized, bridge is a little wide, medium weight
recommend: 3.5/5
critique: these can feel heavy after a short time of
wearing them and slide down my narrow nose

final thoughts

the aviator glasses are just my cup of tea. it’s super hard for me to find glasses that fit my narrow face, and i often have to buy kid’s styles, so it’s refreshing to shop adult sunglasses and have them fit! i absolutely love the look of the pearl framed glasses with the gradual light blue to pink tint–they’re FABULOUS if the fit is right for you. totally light weight and just real cool. lastly, the round gem sunnies are by far the most vintage pair and are super eye catching. i just wish they were a little less heavy. i can picture myself laying out in these and them being fine….until i sit up to jump in the pool, ha!

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