my happy place

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when you, your husband, your cat, and your 65+ plants live in 905 square feet day in and day out, an outdoor oasis is the perfect escape. here’s a little back story–i moved to this apartment in 2018 and lived here for about 8 months alone, since i relo’d to houston for my job. wes was still in fort worth, and we were paying double for everything. naturally, i picked the apartment where i could get the most (minus square footage and closet space) for the least cost. lord knows that we had no clue we’d both be working from home 1.5 short years later due to a global pandemic! our kitchen table has turned into an office for both of us, zoom calls are the norm (we rotate where we take them as to not disturb one another), and some days our close quarters seem even closer, ha ha. (as i type this, guilt pangs because i am blessed to have a roof over my head, and a safe place to sleep at night, so don’t take my venting as me not acknowledging my privilege.)

so what’s all of this got to do with my patio? e v e r y t h i n g. back in march, this ol’ slab of concrete housed our extra trash can, charlie’s pet carrier, and about an inch of dust. when covid shifted our world, i knew i needed to find a healthy place to decompress, detach, de-stress and that was not going to be possible IN-side my apartment. i remember shifting around some furniture to bring out here, and making a list of must-have’s from home depot. before i knew it, my happy place was built, from the ground up. i have to tell you–in this moment, the warm texas breeze is brushing against my shoulders, the sound of the fountain down below trickling calms me, and my patio lights make this feel like a dreamy vacation.

for the first time in a while i had a spot to relax in, to drink a glass of wine in, and to literally lay under the starts in. (i want to let you in on a little secret, and that’s this chaise lounger pillow that literally longer than i am tall. you need it–i’m sitting on it now, and i’ve even laid in the sun with it catching some rays. click pic to shop.) little did i know that i’d be happy trading our evening outings exploring our local food and drink scene for a home cooked meal, and a beverage on my patio!

click on the picture to shop the lounger pillow

and if you’re like me, you are on the go most waking hours of the day, and slowing down is almost painful. more often than not, you come to a halting stop because of your own hard hardheadedness. i’m learning and trying to teach myself that it’s OK to just be. giving myself permission to rest, to be present with loved ones, and to feel my feelings is something i’m working on….and i’ve practiced these things out here often over the past 4 months. still a work in progress, but i’m slowly laying my armor down…

“crazy-busy” is a great armor, it’s a great way for numbing. what a lot of us do is that we stay so busy, and out in front of our life, that the truth of how we’re feeling and what we really need can’t catch up with us.” –brene brown

i owe a lot of thanks to target, trader joe’s, and home depot for bringing my outdoor oasis dream to reality. even during this wild time, i felt safe shopping there and now i feel safe, secure and at ease in my happy place. 🙂 what started as a “get-away” during quarantine, has evolved into a reflection of everything i love–wes, charlie, plants, houston, outdoors, wine, pretty patio lights.

xoxo, em

3 thoughts on “my happy place

  1. Your place is quite pretty, it really doesn’t look that little in pictures… Have you ever heard that saying… Your Home Is What You Make Of It… Well you have made yours very pretty… I love all your decor..


  2. Following you on Instagram inspired me to start planting my own indoor plants!! It has really changed our house and my mood during these crazy times!❤ I just love your honesty and true personality!!


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