battle of the lipstains

lip stains are all the rave right now in the cosmetics world, and they sparked my interest, too! i wanted to test out a few different formulations, shades and brands to really see what the makeup companies were producing. i found two AMAZING stains, and two not-so amazing stain that i want to share with y’all. enjoy!



younique stiff upper lip stain

  • very liquid-like consistency
  • applies wet, and dries to a matte finish
  • lays comfortably on the lips, as if you can’t feel that it’s there. more specifically, when you smile it doesn’t crack or feel tight.
  • ultra light weight
  • if you don’t exfoliate your lips prior to applying, you might experience patchiness in color
  • lasts 5+ hours, fading a little
  • you have 7 shades to chose from


revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor

  • creamy smooth consistency
  • applies like a gloss would, but gives you a matte finish
  • sits well on the lips–it’s lightweight bu doesn’t dry down 100% so you still have a creamy feeling of the product on your lips
  • doesn’t smudge
  • super pigmented and applies evenly
  • lasts 3-4 hours and fades out nicely
  • 6 different shades to pick



rimmel provocalips 16hr kiss proof lip colour

this lip product comes with two ends: lip stain on one end, gloss on the other. rimmel claims this stain lasts 16+ hours and is kiss proof. i had high hopes for this guy because it was a great price point and i loved the range of colors–specifically this nude. for one, this doesn’t apply nude it applies brown and this is the stickiest formula known to man. you can’t wear the stain alone because it’s cracky and stiff on your lips so if you’re trying to go for a matte look, this product won’t deliver that. it’s also the most uncomfortable formula on your lips because it’s tacky and doesn’t dry down. all in all, not worth it.

lipstail loreal

l’oreal infallible pro-last lipcolor

first off, i love l’oreal and their infallible line of cosmetics and nail polish so i had high hopes for this lipcolor, too! there’s something crazy like 24 different shades which was so exciting, and the price point was around $10. like rimmel, you apply the stain first and use the gloss provided to moisturize your lips. my experience with other infallible products is that they last for-ev-er, so i thought this would be a dream come true. unfortunately, i quickly returned this item after using it once. i applied one coat and it felt like my lips were in a cast, and i couldn’t move them for fear of cracking. or maybe a better description is that i felt like a mummy with this on. it was so stiff and drying that it was uncomfortable to wear. i didn’t bother with the gloss since i knew this lipcolor formula wasn’t for me.

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