saturday night fav’s

these products were the two most memorable things i used this week, so naturally i had to share them with you! they are polar opposite from each other in terms of use, but hey, they’re FAB! enjoy! ps. i usually post photos that i personally own, but i do not own this one and i credited their source at the bottom.

image1 (36)

ooh la lift!

this is my go-to under eye cream for when i need some serious cosmetic rescue! think no sleep, late-night to early-morning kind of time. whenever those fun times happen, i depend on this stuff to wake my face up in the morning and to camouflage my tiredness. this product is from benefit cosmetics and it runs for $22. ooh la lift is a pink-ish cream that comes in a tube with a wand applicator. it is very creamy and easy to smooth on under your eyes to give you an instant eye lift, like really. it has light reflecting pigments that help diffuse any blue or purple tones your dark circles might have. you can use this before or after your makeup, but i prefer to use it on freshly cleansed and moisturized skin. i use the wand to apply a small amount under each eye, and then i pat it in gently. do not tug your skin! this will cause wrinkles, and those aren’t permitted. i will caution you–be careful with the amount that you apply because it does not build on itself, and it can crumble if you applied too much. in a nut shell, this stuff is a girl’s best friend if you’re having a rough, tired, i want to stay in bed morning!!

infallible nail polish

i believe this nail polish is the newest creation from l’oreal paris, and holy moly it’s RAD!! i am sure that all of us ladies know how frustrating it is when we get a chipped nail from nail polish that has only been there for a day or two. especially when it’s so time consuming to paint “within the lines” and wait for it to dry. anyone else have trouble painting with their “other” hand? i do!! i was intrigued by this product since it has two steps: 1st is the nail color, 2nd is the top coat–but it’s not clear, it’s a color too. i bought mine at target for like $7.99, and there were quite a few different shade options to choose from. i purchased “908 always a lady” which is a gorgeous deep merlot color with a fuchsia top coat. after using this, i will say the top coat does not change the color of the nail polish, even though it’s not clear. from my understanding, the top coat is really what makes this formula stick to your nails. LET ME TELL YOU, i am impressed. so impressed that i’m going to probably buy all the rest of the shades. i work in retail and use my fingernails all throughout the day opening boxes, putting up marketing signs, peeling off labels and this is the first, yest the first, nail polish that hasn’t chipped or peeled up. i am going on day 3 and have NO CHIPS or peeling so far. there is a little bit of wear and tear evident on the tips of my nails, but other than that they are in tact. it’s amazing. this stuff is as it’s name says infallible and you should give it a try!!!

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