october boxycharm

october boxy charm

“like the phases of the moon, a part of us is always hidden. this month, embrace who you are and let the enchanting beauty of all of your “faces” show. remember, you can always be whoever you chose to be-the stars will align in your favor. let your light illuminate the darkness, charmers!”



  • palmetto derma rejuvenating antioxidant mask-full size, $64 retail price
  • doucce punk volumizer mascara-full size, $24 retail price
  • bellapierre cheek and lip stain-full size, $19.99 retail price
  • lord & berry line/shade eyeliner-full size, $18 retail price
  • cult cosmetics nail polish-full size, $12 retail price


  • palmetto derma rejuvenating antioxidant mask-“the soft clay in this mask gently purifies the skin and cleanses pores by absorbing impurities.” it also claims to defend the skin against free radicals so it can help reverse skin damage. directions say to apply this to the skin for 15-20 minutes, and wash off with warm water.
    • first impression-unfortunately, i haven’t used this product yet. i will use it tonight and will update this section tomorrow!
  • doucce punk volumizer mascara-“the punk volumizer mascara’s XXL brush features both long and short bristles that work to separate, lengthen, and add extreme volume to your lashes!” directions say to apply this to your lash roots, and swipe it back and forth to coat your lashes while still giving them a curled effect.
    • first impression-i tried this mascara as soon as i got my boxycharm as i am admittedly a mascara maniac. the formula was pretty good, but it didn’t provide much results for me and i don’t agree with the price tag of $24. i get 100% more volume and length with my 3D+fiber lash mascara by younique, and it’s only $5 more.
  • bellapierre check and lip stain-“use this light-weight oil free cheek and lip stain to add a subtle flush to any look!” directions say to apply using brush of your fingers to the apples of your cheeks and/or your lips.
    • first impression-i loved the peachy coral shade of this product, and was immediately drawn to it. i do not like cream blushers, so i decided to use it as a lip stain. i noticed that the formula was very smooth, but not too creamy and it did fall into the cracks of my lips, which isn’t ideal. the color was very nice on my lips and stayed for a couple of hours. i wouldn’t consider this a “stain” more a cream lip balm. overall, i wouldn’t pay $19.99 for this duo product but i will continue to use it!
  • lord & berry line/shade eyeliner-“achieve eye-opening intensity with the line/shade eyeliner pencil. formulated with kajal and kohl to provide rich, consistent color.” it should be noted that this eyeliner claims to be waterproof.
    • first impression-i have used this pencil before as it was included in one of my birchboxes a while back. honestly, this pencil is just like any other old school pencil eyeliner. it’s black, it’s pretty easy to smooth out, and it doesn’t smudge too badly. i do wish that it was an automatic liner because that would really set this formula apart.
  • cult cosmetics nail polish-“cult polishes bring you the latest in style and color so you’re always on-trend with their vegan-friendly ethically products.”
    • first impression-this grey shade applies more of a grey-green shade on the nails. the polish is easy to apply to the nails, and layers up well. it did already chip on me and i haven’t been wearing it for 24 hours yet–womp womp.

boxycharm is a subscription box  contains 4-5 full sized products and is sent to you monthly. you are billed $21 per month on the 3rd day of each month. shipping is free, and the box arrives within two weeks of payment, give or take a little.

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