cream shadow obsession

splurge cream shadow by younique



splurge cream shadow is made by younqiue, and comes in 8 shades with 4 debuting before the end of 2015! this product is $26 each and claims to be “a high-density, velvety-smooth cream eye shadow” that is crease-less, highly pigmented, and long-wearing. younique AIN’T playing around with these shadows either–they are THE BOMB dot com. everything they claim to be, they are and more. here are some quick facts:

  • mouse-like texture (reminds me of a marshmallow!)
  • shimmer, powder finish
  • easy to build up, wear alone or with other shadows
  • long-wearing
  • highly pigmented
  • blends out extremely well
  • does NOT dry out!!

i love this stuff because of it’s bouncy texture and it’s ability to blend out so well. i prefer to use a cream shadow brush to apply, and any old fluffy brush to soften the edges. i do use younique’s because it came with my presenter’s kit BUT even if i wasn’t affiliated with the company, i would use this sucker day in and day out. it’s that good and only $15.


if you’ve been following my blog for a while, i did post about maybelline’s 24 hour color tattoo shadow and much to my dismay, i am not able to use them any longer because they have dried up and have become thick and goopey in consistency. i am so thankful that these cream shadows don’t do that.

final thoughts

worth every penny you spend on it. great texture, amazing formula, and high-quality performance. check out splurge cream shadows here! in this photo i’m wearing “extravagant!”


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