october7th-weekly younique post

october 7th weekly younique post

here’s a few of my favorite products and pictures that document how amazing our quality and results are! each week i’ll be blogging about my weekly younique fav’s so check out the pics, and enjoy!

3D+ fiber mascara

these results are crazy. almost unbelievable, if ya ask me. i applied two coats of our water-resistant mascara. the fibers are all natural and derived from green tea leaves. this formulation is excellent for people with sensitive eyes as the ingredients are mostly all natural. i’ve heard so many success stories from women who haven’t been able to wear mascara before because of harsh irritants in the product, and now they have beautiful long lashes and are irritation-free. this mascara is $29 and lasts 2-3 months! here is my link if you’re interested in purchasing: www.youniqueproducts.com/emmaline

image1 (33)


i did a review on younique’s addiction shadow palette number one a last month. i’ll link it here if you’re interested in checking it out. part of my draw to this shadow palette is how versatile it is–you can play it up, or dress it down. for this picture, i decided to transform my work-appropriate eye look into a smokey, out-on-the-town look. it’s easy to do, and i appreciate the quality of these shadows!

image2 (15)


my favorite part about makeup is being able to tie the whole look together with a lipstick. however, i do get frustrated with the longevity of lipstick–especially the patchy-ness, crusty inner lip ring, and smudging that can result from wearing a lip product for several hours on end. i was intrigued by the idea of lip stains, but was hesitant to purchase because it seemed to good to be true. after seeing so many results pictures and videos from other lovers of the younique brand of lip stains, i decided why not try–especially when there’s a 14 day love-it guarantee. after giving them a test run, i have to say that i absolutely love using these lip stains before i go to work! my work day is so busy and fast-paced that i don’t have time to reapply. with the lip stains, you don’t even need to worry about touch ups at all. i purchased (from left to right) savvy, skittish and sultry! in the picture i am wearing savvy–a beautiful purple stain. if you’re interested in purchasing, check out my site: www.youniqueproducts.com/emmaline

image4 (3)image3 (6)

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