holy grail makeup sprays

smashbox primer water & MAC fix+

image1 (31)


smashbox photo finish primer water is the very first thing i put on my face after i have cleansed and moisturized in the morning. my makeup application does not start until this has been applied all over my face!

  • silicone-free, alcohol-free, oil-free
  • use before your makeup to prime your skin for makeup application
  • use after your makeup to set everything in place for all-day wear

now, you are probably wonder why this is my holy grail product since there are so many other products on the market to choose from, so i am going to list the reason why this product wow’s me:

  • the spray is refreshing, and doesn’t contain silicone. most gel or cream primers have that silicone feeling when you apply them, and i honestly do not enjoy the texture of those products. some do work well, but i really was seeking out a primer that didn’t leave a greasy, or oily feeling on my face.
  • lightweight, non-sticky and hydrating. if my face has some dry patches, especially during the dry summer or cold winters, i can spritz with the primer water and almost suddenly my skin feels more refreshed and since it acts as a setting spray, it locks in my makeup.
  • two-in-one product: primer that smooths my canvas and prepares it for better makeup application AND a setting spray that elongates the wear-time of my makeup

MAC prep+prime fix+ is my makeup secret weapon. ever feel like your foundation or powder didn’t cooperate with you? do you feel like your makeup looks powdery or cakey? this is what lead me to find the fix+ product, and now i literally can’t go a day without using it. it’s a multi-purpose spray, and i love that you can use this product for many different uses!

  • contains vitamins and minerals like cucumber, chamomile, and green tea
  • hydrating spritzer
  • contains glycerin which helps makeup adhere to your skin better

you might be asking, “how is this product different that the primer water or a setting spray”? mac’s fix+ is a finishing spray, NOT to be confused with a primer or setting spray. this amazing formula was designed to help break up the cakey appearance of makeup on your face. it’s also a wonderful tool to re-hydrate your skin as the spray gives off a cooling effect. here are ways to use this product:

  • hydrates your skin before makeup
  • helps blend out cream products (concealer, blush, bronzer) more seamlessly
  • enhances the pigment of products such as highlighters and loose shadows
  • can help dilute any thick concealers or foundations that you might have
  • breaks up the appearance of a powdery face


the primer water is refreshing, non-greasy, doesn’t leave a sticky film on your skin. it really helps your foundation to blend out and set more smoothly. and when you use it as a setting spray, your makeup is going to last all day. it really is like a veil protecting your makeup.

the fix+ spray is also refreshing, but it helps me to blend out my cream products more seamlessly, especially when i spray it to whatever tool i am using to apply the makeup–sponge or brush. you can also use your spray to enhance the vibrancy of baked products, loose pigments, and powders.

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