FALL makeup MUST-have’s!

“autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -albert camus

WHO ELSE is so excited about fall? the cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, changing color of leaves, boots, and sweaters…♥ since we are all ramping up for this amazing time of the year, we need to update not only our boots and clothes but our makeup, too! here are my 5 fall makeup must-have’s for 2015:

makeup geek-top to bottom

peach smoothie-coco bear-chickadee-creme brulee-bitten-frappe


this fall, coordinate your eyeshadow colors with the colors of the leaves! i love warm shades for the fall, and the ones i have pictured above are my absolute favorites. colors to look for: mustard’s, burgundy’s, nude’s, brown’s. i recommend investing in highly pigmented shadows that are easy to blend, because that will make the difference between a good eye look and a GREAT eye look. TIP: use a matte bone-colored shadow for your transition shade. peach smoothie is the best! transition colors make the shadow you put on top blend better, and appear more smooth.

tarte smolderEYES in fig


plum colored liners have been a favorite of mine for many years. i think i favor the plum to burgundy color because they are softer than using a black liner, and they remind me of the colors of fall. you can find similar colors in different mediums as well: gel and liquid. i recommend this pencil because it has a smudger brush on the opposite end. yes, you can create a smokey eye look with this product! in a rush? TIP: keep it simple–apply a thin line to the upper lid, and use the smudger to blend the liner inwards and out. add more if you’d like and don’t worry–you can be messy with this!

elf mineral blush in wanderlust


time to switch out your pink and coral blushes for more season appropriate ones! i recommend finding a shade that is in the wine color family. TIP: build this color up gradually. dip your brush into the blush pot, and tap the excess product off. to apply properly, start two inches away from your nose and apply in a dabbing then sweeping motion towards your temples. imagine applying this in a triangular manner: apples to cheek.

NYX liquid suede in vintage & lip liner in plum


having the perfect fall makeup look isn’t complete until you put on the final touches–lips! my personal preference for 2015 is lipsticks that are either deep purple or reddish-brown in shade. you can use a matte or shiny lippie, both are in trend. sometimes using a lipstick shade that is dark in color can be intimidating–but it doesn’t need to be! TIP: use a liner before applying the lip product! make sure you put the liner not only around your lips, but color in your lips as well. this will help the color not to bleed on to your skin, and will ensure that your lipstick lasts!


final thoughts

key colors: mustard yellow, wine, bone-color, purple, brown

shades: even though we are swapping our pinks or our reds, you can still find different shade tones that work with your skin–light: mauve and rose, medium: orange reds, tan: reddish browns and fushia, dark: wine and purple. you do not have to follow those guidelines either if you don’t want too, cause i sure don’t all the time!

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