younique vs. nars

younique’s touch mineral concealer versus nars radiant creamy concealer

image4 (2)

battle of the concealers

i have a thing for concealers–i own 10+. it seems like i’m always on a never ending mission to find the one product that allows both full coverage and brightens my skin. the tricky part is finding a product that isn’t thick and cakey. both concealers pictured are the same price, and are the lightest shades each brand offers. i did a side-by-side comparison to help visually explain the differences between the two:

image3 (5)

[facing you on the left is younique, and facing you on the right is nars]


right away, you can see that the younique’s side is brighter and looks more awake. the coverage looks like my skin, but better. my dark circles are camouflaged, and my skin looks refreshed! the texture of this formula isn’t sticky, or creasy, or cakey. it literally just melts into skin and blends to perfection. the coverage is build-able, too. if i’m having an extremely rough morning, i will apply the concealer as normal, but then i’ll go back in with a couple dots more underneath my eyes. the nars concealer is pretty good, but it doesn’t brighten or cover like the younique touch concealer. also, when trying to blend this concealer out, it tends to fade away and crease. not a good look! overall, younique’s touch concealer is full coverage, non-greasy, crease-less, blendable, and comes in 10 shades! i have seen before and after pictures of women using this concealer who suffer from melasma, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and more…and their skin is flawless after using this. i can’t rave about this concealer enough!

buy it!

i endorse this amazing brand and product, and i would love for you to experience all the reasons why i love it! click here to browse around my younique shop, and feel free to ask any questions you might have!

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