r + f unblemish results

rodan + fields

i wanted to share some pictures of my acne journey with you! i’ve been on the unblemish line for about 4 weeks and have experienced some pretty remarkable results.





the first picture was professionally taken, and is a beautiful shot minus my cystic acne. the large circular bumps on my cheek had been there for a couple of months, and i could not seem to get them to decrease in size, despite taking prescription acne medicine. mind you, i have a solid amount of foundation and concealer on in the picture trying mask how ugly the bumps were, and they are still the first thing that catches my eye when i look at this picture.

fast forward four weeks, and all that remains of those large bumps is a little redness that came from me picking my skin. oops. but to the touch, my skin is smooth. you can not feel any traces of cystic acne bumps, or scarring. i am so impressed, and i feel more confident, especially because that’s the side of my face that i use in most pictures. but ultimately, having problematic skin for most of my post puberty life has been very stressful and agonizing at times. i am so relieved i was introduced to a brand that does what it claims: it clears acne.

rodan + fields

if you are interested in learning more about rodan + fields and their amazing skin care lines, please check out my amazing friend jamie’s website. she is knowledgeable, understanding, funny, and trust-worthy. jamie has been right where i was, acne and all, and her results were life changing for her. your skin now does not have to be your skin always–take the steps, make the change, and be confident in your skin!

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