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what brush is best?


products pictured

  • Real techniques sponge, $5.99
  • Real techniques triangle foundation brush, $23.99
  • Vasanti foundation brush, $32.00
  • Real techniques buffing brush, part of the Core Collection, $17.99

How and When to use

  • RT sponge: works best if used damp. Before applying your foundation, place the sponge under water. With squeezing motions, ensure water is penetrating the entire sponge. After the sponge has doubled in size, it’s time to dry it off. Best way to do this is to squeeze the excess water off into a towel. By using it wet, you will get a smooth finish to your makeup. However, the sponge technique does sheer out your foundation or concealer a little. I use the sponge to apply my makeup about 90% of the time because it applies evenly, and smoothest the product over your skin. I use dabbing, not dragging motions when using as well–do this so you don’t smear around any foundation making it look unnatural and patchy.
  • RT Triangle Foundation Brush: works best when you apply foundation to the back of your hand (to warm it up), and then lightly pick up product onto the brush. The amazing feature about this brush is that it’s tip is triangular and pointed, allowing for it to reach into small crevasses of the face. You do use this in “painting” motions or small strokes. It applies foundation pretty evenly as long as you do not overload the brush with product. If you do, you will find streaks and uneven coloring of product on your face which is never a cute look. My favorite area to use this brush in is around my eyes, and between my eyes and nose. It is shaped perfectly for these hard to reach places. If you notice you need some more blending action going on, lightly tap your RT sponge on those spots, and you will be good to go!
  • Vasanti Foundation Brush: this is the most common foundation brush out there, and to me, the one with the least perks. It does have a dome-shaped head that can fit into harder to reach parts of the face, so that is a good aspect of this brush. Some claim that brushes like this create a natural appearance, but I have found that this applies streaky which can cause the foundation to lay on top of your skin instead of being blended into your skin. The best way to use a foundation brush like this is to use it to lay the product onto your face in smooth, stroking motions and then use a sponge to tap the remaining product in.
  • RT Buffing Brush: this is my second favorite method of applying foundation. The domed shaped head and short bristles allow this brush to reliever great coverage of your foundation and the ability to blend it into your skin. Please do not drag your brush across your face as this won’t create any type of look worth wearing! Instead, use dabbing and patting motions to work the product into the skin. Circular and downward motions work best. I do not need to use a sponge to blend anything in if I use the proper amount of product with this brush. The idea is to use a little product at a time, and picking up more with the brush when needed. Glopping on a large amount of product and then trying to smooth it out and blend all at the same time just won’t do your makeup justice!

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