le matte & la lacque

matte-r of fact


lacque and roll

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about this product

l’oreal debuted this line back in june/july of 2015 which featured 5 matte shades, and 5 high-gloss shades. l’oreal stuck to the “nude to pink” theme with the colors of this line, but hey, those colors work for most customers. the packaging is slick, easy to throw in your bag, and the cap locks tightly allowing you to be worry-free when using these on the go!


le matte‘s formulation is a highly pigmented matte product that glides on with a creamy texture. once on your lips, the lipstick does begin to set and after 5-10 minutes of wear. i love that this color stains your lips a touch, because if you eat and drink with it on, it is highly less noticeable when it wears off. i wish i could make claims that this formula was “budge proof”, but it all reality, i do experience some shifting of the product during it’s wear on my lips. regardless, the color “matte-r of fact” is an eye catching, AMAZING berry fuchsia shade that is great for all skin tones if you’re wanting a bold lip!

la lacque‘s formulation gives a high-gloss, shiny look to your lips and applies like butter. this product seriously glides over your lips and makes them feel luxurious and moisturized. i often have to stop myself from applying too much of this stuff–because it feels that good on your lips! when you first put this lipstick on, it does have a bit of a tacky feel to it, but like the le matte, after about 5-10 minutes of wear it does set. you will not see any dry lips, fine lines, or chapped areas when wearing the la lacque lipstick which is a huge reason i fell in love! my lips are naturally on the drier side, and i hate when lipstick clumps and gathers onto dry areas of my lips. this stuff doesn’t let that happen. shine baby, shine!

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[matte-r of fact, choco-late, lacque and roll]

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