emmaline + younique


this new collab with younique isn’t about selling, personal gains, or profit. this is about me reviewing products that are good for your skin, that are cruelty free, and that actually do what they promise. i want to inspire followers of emmaline to dig deep, take steps outside of your comfort zone, and try something new. all of my opinions about this brand, even though i am an independent presenter, are real and honest. it is my hope that we will continue on this new leg of my journey together, and that you will tap into your curious side to discover how these products can benefit you and your happiness! here’s a bit about how this all fell into place…

•a few nights ago the most unexpected thing happened–I posted a blog pic to my IG & I received a direct message from someone I hadn’t met before. she was kind, upbeat, really energetic, had AMAZING lashes, and seemed like she could already be a friend of mine. we talked makeup, specifically @younique_corporate, and her passion for the brand was contagious–even over the Internet! since starting my blog venture, I have been introduced to new makeup lovers just like myself, I have been put back into contact with some pretty special people and I have been fully supported by others that I haven’t even met before! pretty surreal when you sit back and think about it. i love the way that makeup products can empower women and men, and I love the creativity behind all the looks, trends, and products. I have been wanting to expand my beauty efforts, and was just waiting for the “how” factor to dawn on me. and that prayer was answered the other night! I am SO STOKED to announce that I have joined the Younique family and will be collaborating through my blog, Emmaline and through my FB & IG account!!! my love for cosmetics goes way beyond skin deep–for me it’s about community, connections, empowerment, confidence and self appreciation! I am so happy that I can continue to drive the things that make this journey inspiring through being an independent younique consultant. thank you, nicole! •

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