bb cream BOMBSHELL

rimmel london BB cream radiance 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup

image3 (4)

the fuss

OH MY GOSH-i love this stuff. i wish that’s all i had to write to convince y’all of the amazing wonders of this BB cream, but i am not naive to the fact that it isn’t. i’m going to bullet point list the reasons why this $7.00 BB cream really is “super makeup”:

  • light weight formula with SPF 20
  • gives skin a smoothing effect
  • stays put on the skin in hot climates
  • provides build-able, medium coverage
  • moisturizes the skin without making you oily or greasy
  • doesn’t need to be used with a primer, although i prefer too
  • forumla does not break up on the skin meaning, it lasts 8+ hours

the benefits of wearing a BB cream over a traditional foundation are that BB creams are typically lighter in formula, provide SPF coverage, and often contain anti-oxidants that provide additional skin care benefits. rimmel’s radiance BB cream does provide the skin with a semi- opaque coverage, but please do not confused that with thinking it’s cakey or un-natural looking. it’s quite the opposite. the only draw back to this product is that rimmel only came out with two shades: light and medium. the good news is that the shades do match a range of skin tones in the fair-medium category, but unfortunately if your skin is olive or darker, these products won’t be ideal for your skin. i hope rimmel will soon update the shades and provide additional colors for all skin tones!

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