drugstore texture sprays

eva nyc surf’s up! texture spray
umberto beverly hill’s dry texture spray


product details

eva nyc surf’s up! texture spray
“for beachy waves and insane volume. for all hair types”

does this packaging remind anyone else of amika’s undone texture spray? and the smell is practically the same as well…hmm. i wasn’t a fan of the amika product, and i’m not a huge fan of this one either. you can purchase this product at ulta for about $11.99 and their coupons are always available to use on this brand, too. as far as performance–i find this texture spray doesn’t really add that much texture, instead it adds 1/4 sticky, 1/4 texture, 1/4 smell and 1/4 of nothing to your hair. honestly, using dry shampoo would give you more lift and texture than this spray would.

umberto beverly hills dry texture spray
“holds definition, dimension and separation”

i’m still amazed that a product of this caliber is sold at the drugstore! you can find the umberto line at target, and this texture spray retails for $9.99. i would compare this spray’s performance to rusk’s texture dry finishing spray that runs for $18. umberto’s texture spray’s smell reminds me of a clean-perfume smell mixed with a little black pepper…that’s so random. as far as delivery–this spray provides a semi gritty texture to your hair which is amazing for separation, definition and giving lift to the hair. it does not make the hair look dirty, flat or the same as it did before you use it (thank god!). this is my top recommendation if you’re looking for an affordable texture spray that won’t require you to spend an arm and a leg for it!!

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