starter brush kit

this brush kit is ideal for all makeup lovers alike, but if you’re looking to start up your brush collection these are a few to get you on the right track! easily accessible at almost any drug store.

image1 (20)


real techniques brushes
[L to R]

  1. contour brush
    1. part of the core collection brush set, retails for $17.99
    2. this petite dome shaped brush is great for chiseling your cheek bones when trying to achieve a contoured look.
  2. buffing brush
    1. part of the core collection brush set, retails for $17.99
    2. this flat topped brush great for applying your foundation, and truly buffs it all in to achieve a flawless makeup look.
  3. power brush
    1. retails for $9.99
    2. this huge fluffy brush is great for powdering your entire face. this brush allows you to reach a lot of surface area with your powder products all at once.
  4. blush brush
    1. retails for $8.99
    2. my favorite brush listed! the shape of the bristles is what makes this product stand apart from others–the dome, tulip shape. it really nestles in closely to your cheek bones to provide a more natural application of blush.  i *love* this brush. if you buy one real techniques brush, let it be this one!!
  5. setting brush
    1. retails for $7.99
    2. this brush is petite in size and really fits perfectly into the crevasses or smaller areas of your face. i use this brush to highlight my cheekbones and anywhere else i feel like drawing attention too.  you could also use this brush to apply your under eye setting powder, if you fancy! it would fit perfectly into the shape of the eye socket!
  6. bronzer brush [in the middle]
    1. reatils for $12.99
    2. my newest purchase. this bronzer brush is retractable and has dual fiber bristles that help provide a more natural, even application of product. i find that the flat shape of the brush allows it to fit perfectly in the hollows of my cheek bones, and around my forehead to provide a natural bronzed glow.

where to purchase

•Target [availability varies]
•Walgreens [availability varies]
•Walmart [availability varies]

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