battle of the liners

“may your coffee be strong, the wings of your eyeliner be even, and your monday’s be short.” -pinterest

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products & ratings

  • e.l.f. liquid liner, $2.00 ♥
  • NYC liquid liner, $2.99 ♥♥♥
  • Kat Von D ink liner, $19.00 ♥
  • e.l.f. intense ink eyeliner, $3.00 ♥♥♥♥
  • MICA Beauty gel eyeliner, $35.00 ♥♥♥♥♥
  • NYX epic black mousse liner, $10.00 ♥♥


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how they wear

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  • e.l.f. liquid liner is the lowest in price, and the lowest in quality. it does not go on opaque, and does not build up well. this is not a long lasting formula and i find i can only get a few good hours of wear out of it. unfortunately, this liner flakes off and fades away easily.
  • NYC liquid liner is a great product for the price. it is a deep black color that translates well onto the eye. the applicator makes the liner apply easily, and it is buildable. i find that if i make a mistake and need to retrace my line, and the liner doesn’t cake up on top of itself or flake off. the wear time is decent as it’s biggest opportunity is it smudges, especially in the outer corner if you’ve done a wing.
  • Kat Von D ink liner is not on my “like-list” and i’m okay with getting some hate mail about that one. for the price i paid for it, i had high expectations. instead of loving this felt tip liner pen, i feel quite the opposite. after only a few uses, the nib started to dry out and almost start to separate from the rest of the applicator. if you lay it on its side and drag it on your lid then the pigment is super dark, thick and awesome but that’s not how i prefer to apply or wear my liner. this particular product is challenging to achieve a straight line too–i think it’s because of the crappy nib. ridges and bumps are not cute. this does have a long lasting formulation, so Kat got that piece right.
  • e.l.f. eyeliner pen for the win! like seriously. you can do a thin line, a medium line, a thick line, and a mean wing with this product. the formula applies so smoothly to your eye lid and really does an amazing job with staying on your lid. i find that my only issue is that it fades a little after wearing it for a while. if you want to buy a great eyeliner pen that is versatile, inexpensive, easy to use and pigmented, PLEASE look into investing $3.00 into buying this liner!!
  • MICA beauty gel liner is unreal. I have NOTHING negative to say about this product because there is nothing I would change about it’s formula, it’s application or it’s pigment. Literally, the best gel liner out there. It’s a little pricey, but if you sign up for MICA’s emails, they send you a first time user coupon for 45% off your order. This liner is creamy, rich in texture and color and doesn’t budge. You will get all day wear out of this guy. Just check out my swatch picture above–the liner is still intact after rubbing and trying to smudge it.
  • NYX mousse liner was supposed to be this brand new, must have eyeliner and i was super stoked to pick it up! but that excitement didn’t last. i’ve only used it a few times, and the liner pot has already begun drying out. yes, the pigment is super black and applied matte but that’s all that’s good about this. if you compare my mica swatch versus my nyx swatch (i used the SAME eyeliner brush) you’ll see that the mica liner looks like it is more controlled and the line is precise and thin. compare that to the nyx swatch where the line is thick, chunky, and clumpy. it’s all about the formula, and this mousse liner isn’t creamy or buttery. instead, it’s drier and crumbly. great idea, miserable execution.

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