drug store finds-wet N wild

wet n wild limited edition collection

[coloricon bronzer-bare in mind]
[coloricon bronzer-reserve your cabana]
[megaslicks balm tint-don’t be jelly!]

image2 (6)


Bare in Mind, $3.99
•matte bronzer (yay! my favorite)
•honey shade, great for light to medium skin tones
•texture is smooth and creamy
•not chalky or too powdery
•matte bronzers are awesome to use for warming up the face,
and contouring with in areas that you want to sharpen

Reserve Your Cabana, $3.99
•this is labeled as a bronzer, but i would classify it as a highlighter
•champagne-pearl shade
•reminds me of mary lou manizer, but not as intense of a pigment
•ideal for a prominent highlighter on most skin tones
•creamy texture that is easy to blend into the skin
•shimmers, and there’s no chunks of glitter

balm tint

don’t be jelly!, $2.99
•glossy, lightweight formula
•truly a moisturizing balm
•pigment is not intense–color pay off is similar to a gloss
•i find the shades of these balm tints aren’t true to the packaging, as
this shade comes off as a lighter berry color
•has a slight staining effect

image1 (16)


what a gem of a find! for a total cost of $10.97 (pre tax), i am impressed with the quality and color pay off of these products!! wet n wild seems to debut seasonal limited edition items more frequently than other cosmetics brands, which i think is pretty cool. you also are buying a decent sized pan of product with the bronzer shades–0.46oz. the highlighter shade contains SPF 15, which is a huge perk for those of us who want to protect our skin against UV damage! also, this is my third megaslicks balm tint crayon and i enjoy the moisturizing quality of them!! these provide you with a flush of light color, and don’t leave your lips feeling dry or chapped. head on over to your local walgreens and pick these up while they last!!!

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