maybelline expertwear shadow

expertwear eyeshadow in constant toast

description: holy crease shadow, batman! constant toast’s blendability is on POINT, the pigment is superb,and the length of wear-time is fabulous.

color: do not let this photographed medium brown shade deceive you–in the packaging it appears to be a very warm, thick brown. however, once you swipe this on [with the perfect crease brush], you are left with a camel-brown color that blends out seamlessly. don’t let the flecks of glitter sway you either…you don’t notice them on the skin.

how to: use a crease brush in sweeping motions (imagine windshield wipers) to deepen the appearance of your eyes. enhances and widens the eyes when applied to the crease.

verdict: i can’t locate this eyeshadow on maybelline’s website, so i’m skeptical that they have discontinued making it, but i did provide a link to a website that sells it at regular retail cost. if you’re able to snatch this product up, i would 100% recommend it. for my light to medium skin tone, this camel brown is the perfect crease/transition shade. it is not too brown, too orange, or too skin colored, but a nice combination that pairs perfectly with a bronzed skin look.

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