milani baked blush

milani baked bronzer in 05 soleil, $9.99

description: at first glance, this bronzer sparkles and shimmers to the high heavens. the flecks of “glitter” are actually deceiving as they act as a flawless illuminator instead. no chunky glitter particles here. described as a being “crafted on Italian terracotta tiles, these sunbaked bronzers are all about a swirly, shimmery, streak-free glow,” and i would agree.

color: 05 soleil–reminds me of a beautiful caramel milk chocolate shade with ripples of golden shimmer baked throughout. this bronzer leaves a beautiful glow to the skin, and makes the face look healthy and radiant from within, even if it is just makeup!

how to: you can use this product wet or dry, that’s the awesome thing about any baked cosmetics product. using it wet makes the pigments more intense on the skin. if you decide to use it wet, i prefer to spray my brush with a setting spray like NXY or a primer spray like smashbox’s primer water. for a more subtle application, you can use this dry. you will still get the glow and the tanned radiance you anticipated by applying it dry, but it will appear more natural. my favorite brush to pair this bronzer with is a bellapierre kabuki brush which is made with 100% synthetic fibers. this means no shedding during application, yay!

verdict: for a drug store bronzer, milani has made a killer product. the accessibility and price point of the baked bronzer line makes this even more appealing to purchase. regardless of the low cost and drug store brand, the ingredients and formula of this bronzer are the true stand outs. it does not apply chalky or thick, and does not cling to dry patches on the skin. instead, it goes on like fairy dust–easily, creamy and soft. if you’re on the market for a subtle, “i’ve just been to the beach” golden glow, this stuff is good…really good.

image1 (10)

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