desert + heat = chapped lips

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rosebud perfume co. menthol and eucalyptus balm

about this product

this menthol and eucalyptus balm contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. this lip balm is cruelty free as well, meow. coolest thing about this product is that it’s not only for your lips, but for any dry skin patches that need rejuvenating or nourishment.

about this brand

rosebud perfume co was founded in 1895 by george f. smith, and the company’s mission has always been, “to provide simple, multi-usage products that are both affordable and effective.”

what’s in it

petrolatum, camphor, menthol, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus globulous leaf oil, and the trade secret formula of dr. g.f. smith.

why i love it

i googled some of the ingredients listed, and came across a few warning signs about camphor and menthol being used in lip products–i.e. they can cause drying and can produce redness. while that may or may not be accurate, my experience with this balm and the other rosebud perfume co lip products has been nothing but excellent. i live in the desert, and the climate can be so harsh and unforgiving to my skin during the hot summer months. in my mind, i apply lotions and creams to my face in order to moisturize it, so why not give my lips the same kind of lovin’? enter the menthol and eucalyptus balm. once applied to my lips, there is a slight cooling sensation that lasts about 10 seconds. after that, my lips are coated for the next hour with this jelly-gel like formula which keeps them hydrated and protected. there is no taste, and basically no smell, just a balm that my chapped lips love.

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