full face bronzed makeup

  1. image3 i color corrected my dark circles with my tarte cc undereye concealer. i am using a glamierre flat top concealer brush. the left undereye facing the camera is naked, the right is concealed.
  2. image4 image5 i applied my l’oreal visible lift serum absolute foundation with a real techniques sponge, and then from the same line used the CC eye concealer on the right eye facing the camera. i love this concealer for the simple fact that it cancels out any left over darkness.
  3. image6 to brighten my face, i applied maybelline’s instant age rewind concealer in brightening in a triangle shape under my eyes. i also placed this product on my chin, the bridge of my nose, in between my eyebrows, and under my cheek bones. basically, i put this any place i want to accentuate my highlight.
  4. image7 image1 to set my concealer so it stays in place and won’t crease, i used anastasia beverly hill’s banana powder for the original contour kit (pictured is the pot in my z-palette). i enjoy using this particular powder because of it’s yellow hue, which does help brighten your face while setting it. i applied it with elf’s small tapered brush.
  5. image2 next i’ve been cream contouring with covergirl’s trublend foundation stick. i placed this product underneath my cheek bones, my nose, my chin, and around my forehead. this is done in order to “carve” out features that you want to deepen and define. cream is easiest for me to work with because you can place it exactly where you need it. i blended this in with elf’s pointed foundation brush.
  6. image3 (2) image5 (2) time to bronze away!!!! the balm’s bahama mama bronzer is perfect for that summer glow. i used a kabuki brush to blend this product in over the cream contour. it sets it in place, but it also gives your skin a more flawless, bronze appearance. to deepen the contour in my cheekbones, i used a more precise brush, elf’s contour brush. it is more dense, and you must be careful when dipping this into the bahama mama bronzer because if you pick up too much, you’ll have a brown dirty looking stripe on your face. after contouring my cheeks, i used what’s left on the brush to darken up my nose and forehead area.
  7.  image1 (2) to keep going with the bronzey-glowy look, i chose to apply elf’s baked blush to the apples of my cheeks. i sprayed my NXY dewey setting spray on my real techniques blush brush to pick up as much of the product as i can. the best thing about baked blushes is that you can use them wet or dry, depending on the look you want to achieve. this color just gives the skin some warmth and a pop of color.
  8. image2 (2)my favorite part of the look–the balm’s mary loumanizer highlighter! i used my damped real techniques sponge to pick up this product and place it on the high points of my cheek bones, slightly under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, and across my forehead. if you’re like me and you prefer shining like a disco ball, feel free to slather this highlighter everywhere. if not, the main place you should apply is on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose.
  9. image3 (3) god did not bless me with nice, full brows. instead, god blessed us with brow products that do the job for us! i applied itCosmetic’s brow pencil in universal toupe, and gently flicked this through my brows to create a more natural appearance. to set the pencil, i prefer nyx’s tinted brow mascara. it helps fill in any gaps i missed, and keeps my eyebrow hairs in place. remember, your brows are cousins not sisters.
  10. image4 (3) the final look! just added some eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and a few spritz of a setting spray. tada!!! hope you enjoed this

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