crazy for concealer


itCosmetics bye bye under eye anti-aging concealer in light, $24.00

details: consistency is thick, coverage is full, claims not to crease and includes anti-aging ingredients formulated to help treat aging skin.


  • boy does this concealer conceal everything
  • thick formula, but melts into skin easily. warm up with your fingertips first, then pat in
  • stays in place for hours
  • has anti-aging ingredients that are beneficial for the skin


  • at $24, the price of this product isn’t for the light-hearted
  • packaging is solid, so you must be able to swatch this product to test the color
  • creases if you apply too much
  • shade ranges-there are only four, making it difficult to color match some skin tones
  • some might not enjoy how thick this product is, especially if your skin is on the dry side

maybelline fit me concealer in fair, $6.99

details: for it’s price point and for the fact that you can buy it at the drug store, this concealer is one of my favorites. claims to blend seamlessly and cover dark spots.


  • price point and accessibility to buy
  • packaging makes it easy to see what shade you’re buying
  • medium coverage with a thin to medium thickness that is easy to blend
  • doesn’t lay on top of the skin
  • doesn’t crease
  • non-irritating


  • only 6 shades to choose from
  • doesn’t provide that insanely bright under eye that is a popular trend
  • if your circles are deep in color like mine are, this product is best used by color correcting first

mac pro longwear in nw20, $20.00

details: this is a holy grail product for so many people, and i would 100% agree if you’re looking for some serious, waterproof coverage that lasts all day long.


  • 16 shades to chose from
  • mac MUA is able to help you select the best color for your skin tone
  • fantastic coverage
  • non-drying, and long-wearing
  • blend-ability is effortless
  • water-resistant
  • provides a “your skin but better” flawless appearance
  • great for any skin type


  • formula is a little watery, so be careful when you apply
  • pump is stiff so often too much product comes out

maybelline’s instant age rewind eraser dark circle in brightening, $8.99

description: this is my go-to concealer for brightening up my under eyes. i apply it in a triangle shape to make my face appear more awake. this product claims to fight fine lines and dark circles.


  • includes a “neutralizer” and a “brightening” shade in addition to skin tone shades. the neutralizer is a yellow based color, and the brightening is a peachy based color
  • the applicator tip is a sponge that helps apply the product evenly
  • makes your under eye area super duper bright! (my fav trend…)
  • medium coverage that seriously stays in place
  • helps diffuse puffiness


  • some think the applicator sponge is unhygienic, but you can clean it with brush cleanser or soap and water.

tarte colored clay cc undereye corrector in light-medium, $24.00

description: by far the thickest and stickiest consistency of the concealers i’ve listed. this product claims to color correct for specific skin tones, includes caffeine to reduce puffiness, and other ingredients that brightens the skin and hides fine lines.


  • i actually only use this product to color correct before applying foundation and concealer
  • the orange and peach tones of this concealer help cancel out the dark tones in my under eye area, making more look more refreshed and awake


  • only two shades to chose from
  • sticky formula that makes blending it in tricky
  • doesn’t provide that brightening effect which is why i prefer to use it before foundation and concealer

l’oreal visible lift cc eye concealer in light, $9.99

description: a CC concealer that uses a roller ball to apply the product to the skin. claims to provide color and fatigue protection, and uses caffeine to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.


  • matches my skin perfectly
  • disguises my dark circles without using a color corrector first
  • non-drying
  • doesn’t crease
  • thinner consistency with a medium coverage


  • the roller ball is tricky to get product to come out of the first couple of times you use it
  • some might mistake the thinner consistency for a lack of coverage, which is so so so wrong!

maybellilne facestudio master conceal in fair, $8.99


  • decent light to medium coverage
  • easy to buy at the drug store


  • very watery texture
  • the tube squeezes out a lot of product, and combined with the watery, thin texture you get way too much concealer for the small area under your eyes
  • blend-ability is OK, but it doesn’t leave your skin looking as smooth as the instant age rewind, the CC roller ball or the fit me line.

IMG_9843    swatches in natural light

IMG_9842                           swatches indoors with a flash

[L to R: Bye Bye Under Eye-FitMe-Pro Longwear-Instant Age Rewind-CC Undereye Corrector-CC Eye Concealer-Master Conceal]

verdict: out of all the products listed, i have a rhyme and a reason for using each of them! but, i will say that my top two favorites are the the Instant Age Rewind concealer and the Fit Me concealer. not only becuase they’re affordable, but because they melt into my skin leaving it enhanced and brightened. every one has different wants and needs from a concealing product, so it is important to remember what you are trying to achieve when purchasing something new to try.

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