my morning routine

“every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”-pinterest


for my routine, i am all about making sure my skin is clean and moisturized. i try to use products that are actually good for my skin, including my underarms. here are my current favs on the market–

  • boots botanics organic rosewater toning spritz: claims to cleanse impurities and fresh with rosewater. this spritz has 5 organic ingredients which is comforting because i can actually pronounce and understand what they are. i love this stuff because the rosewater scent is so refreshing when it hits your face. the mist is very fine, but seems to cover all of my face. there is absolutely no sticky residue left over, and it helps make sure to remove any last traces of makeup. i use this after cleansing, and before moisturizing.
  • boots no7 botanics all bright micellar cleanser: claims to dissolve makeup, unclog pores and remove impurities with brightening hibiscus. this cleanser mimics the feel of removing your makeup with water, it’s that gentle. there are no traces of soap or alcohol in this cleanser, which feels amazing on my combo skin. typically my favorite way to use this product is on a cotton round to remove my face and eye makeup before i use my all over cleanser.
  • benefit cosmetics puff off: claims to soothe and de-puff eyes. i use this product almost daily because what adult gets enough sleep at night? (if you do, teach me your secrets…) after i take care of my skin by cleansing it and moisturizing it, i apply this pretty generously to my under eye circles in patting motions. benefit says that you can use the product’s iron tip to “smooth” out the puffiness, but i find that method is a myth. using the heat of your fingers to warm this product up before applying is the way forward. this gel doesn’t clump, or flake off when you apply make up.
  • lavanila the healthy deodorant: claims to be aluminum free and 100% natural, safe, and effective. it also does not contain mineral oil. i purchased mine on ipsy after seeing one of my favorite youtuber’s use their lotion and the lotion and deodorant came in a kit together. please note: this is not an antiperspirant, nor does it claim to be. during the summer in the desert, we often have days with temps of 115+ so i found a way to layer my deodorant and antiperspirant so i am protected against odor all day long. first, i use the lavanila product and let it dry. i wipe about 3 stripes under each under arm. next, i use dove’s dry spray antiperspirant, spraying 2-3 spritz per under arm. this scent is their freshest one, which mixes nicely with lavanila’s more natural-vanilla like smell. this combo is guaranteed to keep you DRY and smelling FRESH.

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